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♡ About Me ♡ 


Hi! My name's Chandni 💛
It means Lunar light, Moonlight 🌙
[ Yuppp I know it's an illusion 😅🤭]

I'm a 24 y/o Girl with Dominant Masculine polarity,
And have been in India for over 17 years now 🇮🇳
I'm an ♈️ Sun, ♉️ Moon and ♑️ Rising.

Ooh Also I'm camera shy and usually don't initiate conversations in person🙈
So if you ever wanna have an informal convo with me,
Know that you gotta ping that Hi!🧋


About my personal Ascension Journey,

I didn't have a "linear" life this time. 'Walk-in' comes close to describing my journey so far.
I'll not get into the details of my purpose on that front⚔🔥🛸, tho due to this path I'd had to remain anonymous for a long time.

☆ Here's the 'front' aspect of it :

I'd first hand seen the crimes against humanity being committed, 😣
With powers, physical and ethereal, that were beyond human.
Hence there was No denying for me, I knew that stuff like that does exist.

In my mid teens, the dots connected and I realised the recurring dreams I had as a kid, were in fact, not dreams. 🙌🔥  They were memories ...

Fast forward now,⏳
I finally have the clearance to say it all out loud without being anonymous. 💪

For I do believe, We're all in this together 🤝 and that we indeed got each other's back 🫂💛✨

✨♥️ Wishing you Peace , Divine Love and Cosmic Light on your journey ahead 🪄❣✨

♡ Having read the above and the posts on our pages, if you feel I can assist You in Your Ascension and Your Divine Journey Back to Your Source Self,
Here's my linktree : ✨

Sending love and virtual hugss y'all ☺️💖
- Chandni 💛✨
✨♥️ All is One ♾ All is Love/Light ♥️✨

@Ascension_A_Memeoir ✨
@geseranesera ✨


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