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• All booked readings [ except for the 1:1 sessions ] will be a detailed text read with the cards spread and sent via my personal email :
Do mention the email on which, you want to recieve the read.

The 1:1 sessions will be via telegram chat or zoom / Microsoft teams voice call [ the cameras would be off, unless needed ♡ ]
Do mention your telegram handle in the notes during payment and ping me a dm on telegram/ email so we can schedule your session as mutually convenient.

• All booked reads will be sent within 15 days of payment confirmation.
If due to any unforeseen circumstances , I may need to postpone the scheduled read, you will be personally notified.
• WithIn 24 Hour reads are valid for all days except for during festival seasons / public holidays. [ I reside in India , for reference. ] 
• My accepted modes of payment are PayPal, Google Pay, Direct Bank Transfer, Credit and Debit cards.

• I do Not accept cancellations or refunds.
Readings once booked will Not be refunded / cancelled , unless I have to cancel and refund from my side due to personal unforeseen reasons. 
• I am not a 'certified by an institute' tarot reader / healer / coach. What I bring to the table is based on the work I've put towards working on myself and polishing my intuitive abilities. As mentioned in the 'About Me', a 'walk-in' comes close to describing my journey so far.

• This goes without saying, tho still wording it out. The price values mentioned are a balanced energy exchange for my efforts , energy, assistance and my schedule and the prep that's needed before and after every energy session with a client, where I honour my boundaries and make sure it's a healthy, mutually productive and a respectful session, for both me and my client 💜 ♡

• Background images credits to the respective artists [ name visible in pics ]

• By purchasing the read/s and /or session/s, you confirm and attest that you are 18+ and have read the disclaimer and you understand and accept it all.


Digital Files Legal Disclaimer:

By purchasing and downloading any digital file/s from our website or from me, Chandni, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Usage Rights: You are granted the non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use this digital file/s solely for personal use on your phone, laptop, or as a printed poster. You may not distribute, share, or transfer this digital file/s to any third party.

2. Prohibited Usage: You may not sell, resell, or otherwise commercially exploit this digital file/s. Additionally, you may not use this digital file/s as a promotional image to promote or sell your goods and/or services, whether in print or digital form.

3. Entertainment Purpose: The text included in this digital file/s is for entertainment purposes only. Take the content with a pinch of salt and interpret it as you see fit.

4. No Professional Advice: I Do Not Claim To Give any professional Medical/Legal/Financial Advice. The information provided in this digital file/s is not intended to substitute professional advice and should not be relied upon as such.

5. Intention of Creation: This digital file/s is created with an intention to assist you on your spiritual journey. However, its effectiveness and impact may vary based on individual beliefs and interpretations.

By purchasing and downloading this digital file/s, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Legal Disclaimer : (I've to say this) 

☆ Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Take the content with a pinch of salt and as you see fit.
☆ I Do Not Claim To Give any professional Medical/Legal/Financial Advice.


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