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60 Minutes Guidance Session

60 Minutes Guidance Session

Each 60 Minutes' session includes a therapeutic conversation and channeling based approach to whichever aspect you wish to address in the duration of the session

+ An additional Bonus 💛 session of 30 minutes 🎉💖

This is done via telegram chat or via Zoom / Microsoft Teams / Google Meet online call 💻📲

As mutually convenient.

Mention your full name, email, and which aspect you need my assistance with [ chakras, inner child, energy knots, meditation, shadow work, ancestoral healing, etc ] in the notes.

Also mention your telegram handle / email there. Ping me a dm / Send me an email post payment , so we can fix a time schedule for your session.

There's no fixed textbook approach here. We'll be having a raw conversation and channeling based session here ♡

I live in India. For timezone reference. 💛

Sessions will be scheduled, as mutually convenient, via telegram dms / my personal email :

♡ Add on 'Energy Field Scan Report' 🔥 :

It's scanning [ not clearing ] - for any knot / block/ implant in your energy body / auric fields 🦋❤️

My approach here, doesn't require your "online" participation.

I tune in when you're living your day as you would, [ not knowing, say, I'm scanning your field that day ]

That'll give me a "zero point perspective" of what / how your energy field is.

Post that, I'll send it to you, typed as a concise report, via email.

★ Readings and sessions once booked will not be cancelled / refunded. If due to any unforeseen circumstances I have to reschedule the session, you will be informed.

★ The Energy Field Scan Report will be sent within 15 to 20 business days [ Saturday and Sunday excluded ]

And if you've purchased any other read along with this, the turnaround time for it is an additional 15 - 20 business days.


  • A heads up :

    ☆ For the Non PayPal users :

    At cart -> checkout, it shows only 'PayPal checkout' as the option, tho when you click on it, it'll show two options :

    1 ] PayPal.

    2 ] Credit / Debit cards.

    My other accepted modes of Payment are Google Pay / Direct Bank Transfer. For that, you may book your session/s via dm @Chandni17 on telegram / email

    ♡ Kindly read the 'About Me' and ' Disclaimer/ FAQ' section before booking any read / session.

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