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Clearing Money Blocks

Clearing Money Blocks

Clearing Money Blocks

An elaborate read primarily focused on clearing what blocks you from the abundance you deserve. Realising that money in itself isn't "corrupt". Rather the intention behind it counts. When you know you are a pure Soul, what stops you from fully embracing this 3d physical experience 💰 ?!

PS : This is a read that will bring to light the shadow aspects related to money block. I will not be "clearing the blocks for you.

*No card pull pics. It will be a text read sent to your email.*

♡ Add on 'Energy Field Scan Report' 🔥 :

It's scanning [ not clearing ] - for any knot / block/ implant in your energy body / auric fields 🦋❤️

My approach here, doesn't require your "online" participation.

I tune in when you're living your day as you would, [ not knowing, say, I'm scanning your field that day ]

That'll give me a "zero point perspective" of what / how your energy field is.

Post that, I'll send it to you, typed as a concise report, via email.

Energy Field Scan Report will be sent within 15 business days, post sending the read. Unless informed otherwise.

☆ It'll be a text read sent via email.

At checkout, mention your full name and the email on which you'd like to recieve the read.

You will receive the read via my personal email :

★ Reads / Sessions once booked will not be cancelled / refunded. If due to any unforeseen circumstances I've to reschedule the read / session, you will be informed.

★ All reads will be sent within 15 to 20 business days [ Saturday and Sunday excluded ]


Legal Disclaimer : (I've to say this)

☆Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Take the content with a pinch of salt and as you see fit.

☆ I Do Not Claim To Give any professional Medical/Legal/Financial Advice.



  • A heads up :

    ☆ For the Non PayPal users :

    At cart -> checkout, it shows only 'PayPal checkout' as the option, tho when you click on it, it'll show two options :

    1 ] PayPal.

    2 ] Credit / Debit cards.

    My other accepted modes of Payment are Google Pay / Direct Bank Transfer. For that, you may book your session/s via dm @Chandni17 on telegram / email

    ♡ Kindly read the 'About Me' and ' Disclaimer/ FAQ' section before booking any read / session.

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